Our project is dedicated to the analysis of Netflow v9 traffic both for single equipment and a small number of sources (2-3).
All possible traffic analysis options are presented:

  1. By country
  2. Outgoing / incoming speed over ip
  3. The number of bytes transmitted / incoming over ip
  4. Services
  5. ... (under development)

At the moment, everything is working in test mode, so the participation of your equipment is free.

For a single router, you will need to send your ip (external) equipment used, we will send you back the port and ip where to send traffic. Together with login / password to view the result.

For several routers, you need to install a traffic transmitter in your network. And send us an external ip, where the traffic will come from. We will send you the configuration data of the program (id and secret code) and login / password to view the analysis result.

Send your information to our team: Public IP: Netflow equipment count: Email:

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